Celebrations for Rulebreakers

Yay, you’re getting married!

You and your partner aren’t like any other couple, and your wedding should reflect that. Whether you want piñatas and a sundae bar instead of flowers and cake, or a weekend-long party at a summer camp, we’re here to help you throw a celebration that you and your guests will absolutely be talking about for years to come.

Isabel Kate Events is all about breaking the rules that don’t apply to you. We empower you to step out of the box, to shed the expectations that don’t fit within you and your partner’s vision, and to plan your wedding your way. Are you with us?


Rulebreakers (n):

A couple that doesn’t allow expectations to dictate how they want to celebrate their love; confident and empowered individuals, their wedding is an emboldened reflection of who they are as a couple.

Julie Shuford Photography

Julie Shuford Photography


Hi, I'm Isabel

Wedding and event planner, Los Angeles native with New York City energy, dog mom to two adorable pups, always down for ice cream or a margarita, and constantly trying to rein in my purse obsession. I love breaking the rules whether it be in my own career or with the events I plan.

With a decade of event planning experience, I know what a wedding “should have” or “is supposed to look like.” But what fun is that? Your wedding is all about you and your partner coming together to create a new life with each other and your wedding should reflect that unique journey. The only rule I have is that there are no rules. So reach out, let’s get to know one another, and let’s break some rules together!